UX Ninja launches!

UX Ninja – Stealthy, fast and deadly!  Welcome to the Dojo where you will find deadly Axure widget libraries and interactive prototypes.  Take your Wireframing and Prototyping to the next level with these best-in-class, ready-made Widget Libraries and Interactive Prototype Packs.
I’ve been an avid user of Axure for many years now, and I’ve been greatly helped in my journey as an Interaction and UX designer by the community and the great libraries and templates that are out there.  So, thank you for the great software!
Now it’s time to give something back.  UX Ninja aims to give up-and-coming UX and Interaction Designers a toolkit which highlights best-in-class Interaction and UX patterns.  By re-creating the interaction patterns and user flows of the best websites on the web and the best apps on the market, we aim to provide insightful and useful Axure libraries and prototypes.
At UX Ninja, we’ve rolled out our first Axure widget library which we’re very proud of!  First cab of the rank is a teardown and recreation of Amazon.com’s Browse, Select, Login and Purchase process.  Download the Amazon eCommerce Widget Library here.
With plenty more libraries to follow in the coming weeks – including Netflix, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more –  we truly hope that these libraries provide an excellent resource for Designers, Product Managers, Producers and BA’s alike.  We’ll be selling these as a Collection too.

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