UX Ninja releases Amazon Widget Library for Axure

Need some deadly eCommerce wireframes?  Looking for a killer Axure widget library UX Ninja has today released an  Axure Widget Library and Interactive Prototype Pack for Amazon.com! With over 150 high-quality, robust Widgets in the Amazon widget library for Axure, this will give you a huge headstart! Check out the Amazon Widget Library for Axure here.

UX Ninja launches!

UX Ninja – Stealthy, fast and deadly!  Welcome to the Dojo where you will find deadly Axure widget libraries and interactive prototypes.  Take your Wireframing and Prototyping to the next level with these best-in-class, ready-made Widget Libraries and Interactive Prototype Packs. I’ve been an avid user of Axure for many years now, and I’ve been greatly helped in my journey as an Interaction and UX designer by the community and the great libraries and templates…